Kroger / Publix Trips 6/18 & 6/19

Publix6_18Starting today the busyness and hecticness that has been going on at work, home and with my vehicle has finally settled down and I can resume business as usual.  I’m very grateful for that.  As such, my hauls this week aren’t very big as I didn’t really have a whole lot of planning time, and the beaus parents have been in town the last two weeks and have been consistently buying and bringing food into the house (regardless of what I already have stocked lol).

I did drop by Publix on the last day of the past week’s sale and catch the Klondike ice cream bars on BOGO.

6 packs Klondike ice cream bars BOGO $3.19 ($1.59ea) = $9.57

Coupons Used

(2) -$2/2 Unilever frozen ice cream novelties (Publix coupon), sign up, Best Meals Happen at Home (exp 06/27) printable

Total after coupons = $5.57 + tax! (.92 a pack, or .14 a bar!)



The following day I made a quick trip out to Kroger to use the two $5 General Mills Catalina’s I earned during this deal a couple of weeks ago.  Kroger this week has a deal where if you buy 10 select items off of their 10/$10 list, you’ll get 5 free.  I combined this deal with my catalinas and it came out awesome for me.

6 cans Wolf Chili $1ea = $6
9 cans Starkist Tuna $1ea = $9

Total before coupons/promotions = $15

Coupons Used

-$5 promotion savings
(2) -$5 GM Catalinas

Total after coupons = $0 ! Yup, got it totally free, no tax either! Awesome, awesome deal!


2 thoughts on “Kroger / Publix Trips 6/18 & 6/19

    • They really do have some great deals that go on from time to time. They tend to be a little more work than Publix, but totally worth it. I wish I had a bigger freezer or i might have done the Daz deal too. I keep whispering in the beaus ear for a stand-alone freezer, maybe some day >< lol

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