Super Quick CVS Trip 6/11

CVS6_11With all the excitement going on with my partner being in the hospital from Friday through today, I made a cardinal error and let an ECB expire on me on the 8th.

Thankfully, my main CVS accepts them expired and I wanted to make sure and get in there before too much time elapsed between the expiration and when I redeemed it.  Y’know to be a good CVS shopper. πŸ˜›  I already knew I was going to make the trip, I just didn’t have a transaction set up.

I kind of went in blind, as I didn’t do as much “study” as I usually do going in, but I had a short day at work and I knew I could be in and out pretty quickly.  This CVS just happens to be right across the street in any case.

Here’s what I ended up doing in the split-decision making process I undertook.  I already had a shortlist and then pared it down from there. I began with 20ecbs (10expired, 4, 2, 2, 2)

NOTE: I know that by using my expired 10ecb, it cut my %-off discount in half, but I knew that going in and was happy with my end total.  For new CVS shoppers, CVS general $/$$ store coupons (i.e. $10/$50, $4/$20, etc), beauty buck ecbs, force-printed ecbs, and expired ecbs and store coupons that are entered as cvs coupons all affect your  %-off amount.  So if you have $30 of items that qualify, my expired 10ecb with lower the amount to $20 that would apply for the discount.  Check your receipts, if it shows “CVS Manufacturer coupon” it DOES NOT affect it, if it rings “CVS Coupon” it WILL affect it.

(2) Chex Mix Turtle Snacks 2/$4 ($3.39ea)  = $4 <= % Cpn DOES NOT APPLY

(2) Curel Hand/Cuticle Creme $5.99ea reg. = $11.98
(1) Clif Builder Bar $1.87reg. <== needed a lunch snack lol <== %-off Cpn applies to these 3 items.

Total before coupons = $17.85

Coupons Used

(2) -.50/1 Chex mix, 4.5 oz + printable IP
(2) -$1 off Curel moisturizer, 3.5 oz +, SS 6/9
– $10ecb expired – rang up as cvs coupon
– $1.53 25% email CVS coupon <= should have been $3.46, but the expired q affected it , which is okay πŸ˜€

Total after coupons = $3.32 + tax ! ($1.39 if you did it correctly lol)
Received 2ecbs from Chex, and 5ecbs from Curel. Left with 17ecbs (4, 2, 2, 2, 5, 2)


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