Rite Aid Trip 5/29

RiteAid5_29Made a quick stop at Rite Aid today because the beau was needing some Vitamin D per the doctor’s orders.  Was super happy to find that Rite Aid had a good deal going on with them where i could still roll my +Ups.

Coming into this transaction with 14+Ups from my Muscle Milk trip from last week.

The deal is buy $20 of Nature Made vitamins (or Sundown) and get 10+Ups back.  I didn’t have any coupons for the Nature Made but with my rewards, it still made it a great deal for something the beau needed.

2 Nature Made Vit D $10.99ea = $21.98

-14 +Ups

Total after rewards = $7.98 +Tax
Received 10+Ups from Nature Made!

Note: Well, really it didn’t cost me anything, as the beau paid for it! I just gained 10+Ups in return for my advantage! Also gained two more codes toward another $7 coupon from the Nature Made rewards program, super easy!


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