Unexpected CVS Trip 5/27

CVS5_27Yesterday I convinced the beau to stop at CVS real quick so I could take advantage of the Neutrogena Sunscreen deal that’s been going on.  I went in and either I couldn’t find it, or it was sold out.  The couponing stars hadn’t aligned with me this week, as I waited too late to print off my 25%off on Sunday (11pm cst my time, blah), and then this sunscreen was nowhere to be found.  In any case, I had a $4ecb that was due to expire this week and needed to put something together, and really didn’t feel like making a trip across town to the other. 

On my way out the door I spied a “manager’s special” 75% off cart with all kinds of stuff and I saw this Storage container set.  Let me tell you, I’m much happier with this purchase than I would have with the sunscreen.  I’ll def be using these bad boys, even with burning some ecb. ^^ Came in with 23ecbs (4, 10, 5, 4)

1 20piece Gourmet Solutions Durable Containers $12.99reg 75%off = $3.25
1 Gatorade 32oz = .99

Total before coupons = $4.24

– 4ecbs

Total after Coupons = .24 + tax! Love me some CVS!

Left with 19ecbs (10, 5, 4)


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