Rite Aid Trip 5/23!

RiteAid5_23I know I said in my last Rite Aid post that I was heavily considering cashing out and waiting for more desirable deals that were widely different than what I was doing much better at CVS.

Low and behold, scanning this week’s ad I found one of those deals.  I work out 4 days a week, and am a pretty decent fitness nut and protein supplementation is a constant thing in my diet and I love the drinks/shakes when I don’t have time to mix one on my own.  And it also helps that Muscle Milk is my favorite brand for on the go. This is an outstanding deal on something that doesn’t go on a decent sale very often. I came in with only 1+Up to my name, but the more +Ups you come in with, the sweeter the deal is!

Coming into this transaction, I didn’t realize that the coupons I had for the product were for the 10oz 4-packs, and of course these turned out to be 11oz.  As the manager was scanning them, they beeped and that’s when I read the size restriction.  I was prepared to take them back, but he went ahead and pushed them through for me without a second thought.  This manager has always taken care of me.  Great store!

(4) 4-pack Muscle Milks $6.99ea = $27.96 < buy 2 at $6.99ea, get 7+Ups limit2 >

Coupons Used

– 1+Up reward
(4) -$2 off Muscle Milk or Muscle Milk Light, 10 oz 4 pk., SS 3/03 <= NOTE: These are not a match I realized, but my manager put them through anyway, YMMV

Total after coupons = $18.96 + tax or $4.74ea (without these coupons it’s $27.96 +tax)
High OOP, but received 14+UPs from Muscle Milk so was really $4.96! Sweet!

Or $13.96 +tax after rewards and without the q’s , or $3.49ea.  So you still come out at a great price!


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