CVS Trip 5/23!


Because of my hectic work schedule this past week and into this one, I cut it real close on this transaction.  My $5 / 30 email coupon was set to expire today and I was following on the heels of everyone before me wiping out the Sparkle.  The main reason for my transaction this week was to grab the paper towels.

At the first store close to gym, I only found one lone pack.  So I put my dog biscuits up and trekked out to the one closer to my house.  Went to the paper aisle and found the whole display area empty.  *sad face* .  I then decided to wander around a bit, as this store likes to make small little displays in nooks around the store.  I came across one with Angel Soft and Northern Bath tissue, and stuffed right behind them were 3 packs of the Sparkle!  I was wanting 4, but I was willing to sacrifice the extra $1 to finish up my transaction and grabbed an Angel Soft.  I still was going to make out like a bandit ^^.  I came in with 28ecbs (10, 10survey, 4, 4)

1 Diet Coke 2L  ($1.87reg) =  .99
3 Sparkle Paper Towel 8pack $5each ($8.39reg) = $15  < Spend $20 / $30, get 5ecb / 10 ecb >
1 Angel Soft 12 Big Roll Pack ($8.39reg) = $5

4 Beneful Baked Dog Biscuits $4.79ea reg = $19.16  < Spend $15, get 4ecbs >

Total before Coupons = $40.15 ($54.49reg)

Coupons Used

(1) -$5/30 CVS Email Coupon
(1) -.25 Coke 2L MCM CVS Coupon

(4) -$1.50 off Purina Beneful Baked Delights dog snacks, RP 3/24
(3) -$1 off Sparkle product, 6 pk. roll +, RP 5/05

-$14 ECBs (10survey, 4)

Total after Coupons = $11.90 +tax! or $1.32 an item, great price IMO!
Received 9ecbs (4ecbs from Beneful, 5ecbs from Sparkle)

Leaving with 23ecbs (10, 4, 4, 5)


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