Rite Aid Trip 5/13

RiteAid5_13It seems like the transactions I’m doing lately are just to keep +Up rewards rolling as the deals at the store haven’t been all that great (or even all that different from what I’ve been doing at CVS with much more ease).  I’m considering cashing out of Rite Aid for a bit until the deals start getting a little more striking.  I did pick up a new flavor of Great Grains I’ve been wanting to try, so I’m excited about that! I was ready to grab 2 of the bodysprays, but my closest store only had 1 left, and I had 4+Ups I needed to use.

1 Crystal Rock Bodyspray   $2.99 ($4.99reg)  <= Buy 1, get 1+Up (limit 2)
2 Great Grains Cereal 2/$5 ($5.29reg)

Total before coupons = $7.99

Coupons Used

(1) -$2 off Crystal deodorant stick, roll on, body spray, rock or towelette box IP
– 4+Ups

Total after coupons=  $1.99 + tax!

Really happy with that and not at all bummed that I had to burn some +Ups.  Like I said, I may cash out until the deals get more worthwhile to start juggling the rewards again.  Considering the short  lifespan, I may go ahead and do so.


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