Kroger Trip 5/13


I came into Kroger thinking I was going to get about half of what I did, but it kind of morphed into a larger transaction as I found a great tearpad coupon and added in a couple of ecoupons from the Kroger app on the fly.  It got a little sticky at the register as there were a couple of eCoupons that gave some problems with others, but it all turned out good as I think the customer service guy recognized and trusted me.  I’ll explain the snafu at the end so that you all might be able to try and avoid the same thing if you go my route.

Transaction 1 (buy 3 Kelloggs, save $3 promo)

2 Kellogg’s Protein Shakes $5.49ea = $10.98
2 Kellogg’s Protein Bars $2.99ea = $5.98
2 Kellogg’s Special K Protein Cereals $3.28ea = $6.56
1 Silk Almondmilk = $2.99
3 Kellogg’s Special K Cracker Chips $2.99ea = $8.97
1 Kroger Large Eggs = $1 (10/$10)

Total before coupons = $36.48

Coupons Used

-$9 Kellogg’s Promo Savings
(1) -$1.50/2 Kellogg’s Protein Item Kroger eCoupon <= attached to the protein shakes, originally intended for the bars
(1) -.70/1 Kellogg’s Cracker Chips Kroger eCoupon
*(1) -$1 Kroger mystery eCoupon <= attached to the protein bars
*(1) -$1 Kroger mystery eCoupon <= attached to the cereal
(1) -$1 Silk Milk Halfgallon IP NLA
(2) -.70/1 Cracker Chips IP
(2) -$2/1 Kellogg’s Protein Shake wyb 2 select Kellogg’s protein products tearpad coupon found at Kroger’s today.

Total after coupons = $16.88 + tax!

SpeKQI was super happy with that total, especially after the little snag that ended up happening. You see, I had another couple coupons (2 .75/1 IPs) pegged for the cereal, but that $1 mystery coupon popped on that I must have loaded a while ago and forgot about, and same for the the one that attached to the protein bars. The cashier ended up coming back to me saying that she couldn’t take my cereal IPs and the $2 shake qs because of the eCoupons that had attached to the transaction.

I was originally wanting the 1.50/2 to cover the protein bars, and the (2) $2/1 to cover the shakes, but these mystery qs screwed it up a bit.  Anyways, the customer service guy ended up helping me out and taking off the $2 qs which I was very appreciative of.  I just explained to him what I believed happened and he was very happy to help me.  I just stayed patient and let him control things enough to help me. ^^

Getting home later and figuring out where all the coupons attached, I realized that I did get an extra $1 credit for this transaction, but really it was only .50 worth of credit since I didn’t get to use my $1.50 worth of cereal coupons I had originally planned.  Eh, at the end of the day I still got a lot of food for a little bit, so I’m extremely happy with it.


I did end up going back in for a second transaction.  It’s funny how the coupon gods line up and smile on you at times.  Kroger has a Pepsi 2L deal going where they are 2/$3, but if you buy 4 you get 2 free (making them $1 each really – 6 for $6).

PepsiQAfter my CVS transaction, I decided to run into IGA for no apparent reason.  I knew I wasn’t going to buy anything because compared to what I can do at Kroger and Publix, they’re prices are way too high, and their pricing schtick is deceiving to the common person who just wants to do their shopping and “save money”.  But we couponers see through their “wholesale” ruse.

Anyways, I did end up finding a Pepsi display with a little booklet of 8 coupons in it that expire on 5/18.  The one I found to my liking was the one on the bottom right, $1/2 Pepsi Next 2L.  I grabbed 3 of those little packets and left the store just planning to hold onto them for another .99 sale somewhere.

Well, as I was shopping around Kroger I came across that Pepsi promo again and it clicked that those qs would be awesome for this deal as well.  So I ran out and grabbed the coupons and did a second transaction.

Kroger5_13(2)Transaction 2

6 Pepsi Next 2L (2/$3, buy 4 get 2 free) = $6

Coupons Used

(3) -$1/2 Pepsi Next 2L booklet coupons

Total after coupons= $3 + tax! .50ea!

I am super stocked up on soda for a bit. Now I just need another breakfast bar promo to come along!


5 thoughts on “Kroger Trip 5/13

  1. Wait, this is glorious.
    I’m a college student at Wesleyan University in Connecticut looking for tips on how to save a little extra money and I found this and this is freakin’ awesome.
    You get coupons in the mail or online or how?
    I am definitely going to start doing this.
    Goodbye, hideously overpriced goods.
    Thanks for this! This is awesome!
    -Dan F.

    • Not a problem at all and thanks for reading my blog! Check the sidebar on my main blog page for alot of helpful information and sites that help me get my information and stores ad and coupon matchups ^^. WeUseCoupons is another site i’m on quite a bit (especially the CVS forums). When I started back in October, their Virtual Couponing Classes really helped me get a grasp on the basics of couponing and the stores i shop at.

      WeUseCoupons and Southern Savers both have coupon databases that I use alot to see if there are any coupons out for particular items I want and where I can find them.

      To answer your questions. The majority of my coupons come from the Sunday newspaper inserts, and internet printable sites (mostly Though I do find blinkies, peelies, and tearpad coupons in the stores (especially at Publix). Every once in a while i’ll order from a clipping service like Klip2Save if there’s an awesome coupon that I want more of and don’t want to buy more papers.

      If I can help any more, just let me know!

      • I had no idea there were so many good ways to save!
        Should I also download apps for the stores I’ll be couponing at?
        I read something about that in one of your more recent posts.
        Thanks for your prompt reply!
        -Dan F.

        Yeah definitely look into the apps for the stores you shop at. I’m always using the Kroger app to easily load eCoupons if I need to (as long as they are worth .75 or more since eCoupons don’t double or if I don’t already have a paper coupon already for the item).

        I also use the CVS app a lot to check what coupons may be waiting for me at the Red coupon machine and to check my beauty club total. See how close I am to earning a $5 beauty buck ECB.

        I use the Rite Aid app alot to check my +Up reward expirations (I’m still opted in to load2card), and the same with the Wags app to keep track of my points.

        Check out Ibotta, Savingstar, and Endorse too, to earn more cash on things you’re already buying.

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