CVS Trip 5/13!

CVS5_13This week at CVS there wasn’t a whole lot I was interested in.  I had the 30% off q, but the ECB deals just weren’t working for me.  So I decided to put together a pretty good little deal using some good scanner coupons, the 30% off, and a beauty buck ecb I received after my last transaction with the Eucerin. Came in with 33ecbs (10, 10survey, 4, 4, 5BB)

1 Tide Pods 31ct   $10.99
1 Swiffer WetJet Refill $7.79

Total before Coupons = $18.78

Coupons Used

(1) -$2 off Tide Pods 31ct MCM CVS Q
(1) -$2 off Swiffer Refill MCM CVS Q
(1) -.75/1 Swiffer refill or Dust & Shine, excl trial size, P&G 5/12
– 5ecb BBuck

-$4.14 30% CVS Email Q

Total after coupons = $4.89 + tax!
left with 28ecbs (10, 10survey, 4, 4)

Came in just wanting to grab the wetjet refill, but decided to add the tide in last minute and glad I did!


5 thoughts on “CVS Trip 5/13!

    • Every once in a while if you’re signed up for ExtraCare emails, they’ll send you one of two surveys to take part in. One just asks about a recent shopping experience of yours and enters you in a drawing as a reward.

      The second asks more general questions about how CVS can improve or about various changes they want to make and want your feedback. As a reward for this one, they give you a $10ecb.

      Not sure if theres any criteria to who gets it, but it seems random, and it was only my second one since October. HTH!

  1. I answered one a couple weeks ago but apperantly didn’t win anything.. lucky you!
    and just so you know.. if you would of use a 4 ECB instead of the 5 Becb or BB the total would be 4.39 +tax instead of the 4.89 +tax (using the BB)
    beauty bucks are tricky (all also everything that scan as “CVS coupon”).. they are deducted from the total and ONLY the remaining amount would apply for the % discount for example:
    19.78 – 30% (5.93) = 13.84 – 4 ECB = 9.84
    now using Beauty bucks: 19.78 – 5BB = 14.78 -30% (4.34) = 10.44

    I reccomend using BBs ONLY on items already on sale (which wont qualify for % discounts anyway) or when NOT using an additinal % discount in the transaction.

    • Yup, I was aware of that :). The bb expires before my 4s, and I consider that free money anyway so I didn’t mind using it on a transaction that I wasn’t earning ECBs on. So I wouldn’t feel bad not “rolling” the ones I did earn. I pay a little more, but I’m not “burning” earned ones, and that makes me happy.

      I would cringe thinking about using earned ECBs on a transaction I wasn’t earning some back on.

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