CVS Trips 5/9-5/10 & Publix 5/10

CVS5_9Sorry it’s been a few days since an update, been pretty busy here with work, family, and a pretty lightweight week of deals that made me wanna hurry out and get them.  I did manage to do a few things this week though and came out very happy with what i did!

I had 2 different transactions at CVS this week, only because I simply forgot to add the second in that first night.  I was almost back home before I realized, so I dropped back in today to grab them.

My first transaction probably would have been much cheaper had I had the 25% coupon that came out last Thursday, but luckily I have a store that takes expired CVS coupons that helped absorb it.  My store was also out of the smaller tubes, butI was thinking about this Eucerin deal all week and just had to do it.  Came into the transactions with 18ecbs (10, 4, and 4)

Transaction 1 – Eucerin buy $20, get 10ecbs

1 Eucerin Calming Creme Lotion 8oz $8.29
1 Eucerin Smoothing Repair 16.9oz $12.49

Total before coupons = $20.78

Coupons Used

(1) -$3 off Eucerin hand or body lotion, excl trial size (Facebook) IP
(1) -$2 off Eucerin hand or body lotion IP
(1) -$3 off $12 Hand or Body Lotion expired CVS coupon
– 10ecbs

Total after Coupons = $2.78 + tax! I’ll take it for some awesome lotion!
Received 10ecbs from Eucerin!

CVS5_10Transaction 2

2 Got2B Playful Pomades $3.99ea = $7.98

Coupons Used

(2) -$1 off Got2B Styling Product expired CVS Coupons
(2) -$2 off got2b stylant, RP 5/05

Total after Coupons = $1.98 + tax, awesome price for pomade!

Finished with 18ecbs still (10, 4, and 4)

EDIT:  Just finished a CVS ExtraCare survey and received 10ecbs for my input, I now have 28ecbs (10, 10, 4, and 4).  woots!



Publix Trip

1 Tyson Spicy Chicken Patties BOGO $5.99 = $3
2 Eight O Clock Coffees BOGO $6.99 = $6.99

Total before Coupons = $9.99

Coupons Used

(1) -$1.50 Tyson chicken patties, tenders, nuggets, and crispy strips Publix eCoupon
(2) -$1 off Eight O’Clock bagged coffee (regional), SS 4/14

Total after Coupons = $6.49 + tax!
Small but effective trip 😀


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