4/28 My Sunday Coupon Preview Shortlist

Coupon Preview

This Sunday will be a good week for inserts, Sunday Coupon Preview has got the insert previews up early. We’re going to be getting 3 Inserts this week, 1 SmartSource, 1 RedPlum, and 1 Proctor & Gamble. As always, some coupons are regional. Some may be different denominations and you may receive more or less depending on your region. Here’s the coupons that peak my interest.


– Jennie-O $1/1 turkey burger product (7/27) (Love these, hope to see a good deal while I have these)

– POM Wonderful $.50/1 8-48oz bottle (5/31) DND (Great Pomegranate Juice and always is good for a free 8oz. Always automatically doubles at Kroger’s)

– Post $2/1 shredded wheat 10oz+ (6/9) (Whaaaa, nice high value should make for some cheap cereal)

Lots of pet food/treats/items coupons and a Schick Disposable BOGO coupon def make this a nice insert.


Nothing I’m jumping up for, but some nice value coupons for meds, hair and makeup.

Proctor & Gamble

– Crest $1/1 4oz+ (Yay for another $1 off coupon! Toothpaste is always my filler deals)

– Febreze $1/1 5.5oz candle

– Febreze $1/1 car vent clip (lots of Febreze coupons, but these are nice staples for me)

– Oral-B $1/1 Glide Floss 35m+ or Glide Floss Picks 30ct+ (always use floss picks, hope for a deal that includes these)

– Swiffer Buy 1 starter kit, get 1 refill free up to $6 (very nice coupon to get you started with Swiffer)


Many of our old P&G staples are still here and quite a few others as well. A nice big insert this month.

There it is!

What coupons are you excited about?


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