4/18 Big Day of Deals!

Oh my goodness, this has been a busy week for me.  Last night was the first chance I got this week to actually sit down and plan what I was going to do (if anything) for this week.  I did manage to do a little couponing at each of my stores., as this was my first off day in a week.



My first stop of the day was at CVS.  I had a $10ecb set to expire on the 20th, so I made out to use it effectively.  I did end up burning 5ecbs on this transaction, but I was happy with it, and the deals just haven’t been as eye-catching the last few weeks for me.  I didn’t get exactly what I wanted as I had to change up my gameplan some.  They were sold out of the Gevalia coffee that was B1G1 and I really didn’t feel like putting everything back to make a stop across town at the other store.  I meant to replace it with this zipper pouch and a 24 pack of water, but I got distracted at the register and forgot about the water.  Silly me!  Oh wells.

I did notice they had the 4oz Optic White marked as the same deal with the Max toothpastes, and as a match for the scanner coupon we got at the beginning of the week.  It does have a $1/1 coupon to match it.  When I was asking the cashier about this was when I distracted myself and forgot to put the MaxClean up and grab the water.  But it worked out, and I’ll def use everything here!


1 Colgate Optic White 4oz $3
1 Colgate MaxClean 6oz $3
2 Nivea Face Scrub $6.99ea = $13.98  (Part of the buy 2, get $5ecb deal)
1 Pencil Binder Pouch $3.99

Total before coupons = $23.97

Coupons Used

(1) -$2/1 Colgate Max TP MCM CVS coupon
(1) -.75/1 Colgate Optic White (SS 4/07) <= just used this b/c it was expiring soon
(2) -$3/1 Nivea Mens Face Care Item Facebook IP
(1) -$10ecb

(1) -$3.60 20% CVS In-Ad Coupon (applied to the Nivea and binder pouch)

Total Coupons = $22.35

Total after Coupons = $1.62 +tax!
And received 5ecbs from Nivea



My next stop was Kroger.  I wasn’t even planning on making a stop as I’d already done the deals I wanted last week. But I had ran into Target to get the Shopkick points since I was in the area, and since it was in the same shopping area I decided to drop in and do a quick scan for peelies or tearpads.  Now I’m glad I did because I’d been wanting to do this SoftSoap deal ever since the 10/$10 sale a couple weeks ago.  The shelf for these have been consistently cleared and I didn’t think I was going to be able to before my coupons expired.  Lo and behold, there were 5 lone items sitting and waiting just for me.  I quickly ran out and grabbed my coupons. Note, the sale at Kroger this week is a buy 5 participating items, and get $5 off your total.

5 Softsoap Handsoaps $1.59 ea = $7.95

Coupons Used

(2) .50/2 Softsoap IPs (doubled to $1/2) <= no longer available
-$5 Megasale savings

Total coupons and discounts = $7

Total after Coupons = .95 + tax!



I then made a stop at Rite Aid, as I was needing to stop in and grab some of the Robitussin for the beau.  He’s been congested alot lately and going through a few bottles.  I also was lucky enough to come across a Kroger flyer in the mail a couple of days ago that carried with it the elusive $10/1 Bayer Contour Meter MM coupon!  Couldn’t help but take advantage of it with the deal this week.

2 Robitussin Multi-Symptom Cold  $4.99ea  = $9.98  (part of the buy 2, get 3+up deal)
1 Bayer Contour Next EZ Meter $10 (buy 1 at $10, get 10+ups back)

Total before coupons = $19.98

Coupons Used

(2) -$1/1 Any Robitussin (RP 3/10)
(1) -$10 Bayer Meter (mail flyer from Kroger)
-$2 +Up Rewards

Total after coupons = $5.98 + tax!
Received 10+Ups for the Bayer meter, and 3+Ups from Robitussin



I then had lunch and headed to the gym.  Afterwards I headed to Kmart to take advantage of the hot deal going on with the Tide Pods.  Technically it’s a glitch with a current deal going on where you buy a Tide item, Hanes item, and then a choice of one of 3 other items, and you’ll receive a Catalina coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase oyno.

The glitch is that it’s allowing clearance Hanes items, and giving you the ability to use a combination of the last group of items and still get the Cat.  So here’s what I did to score 3 bags of Tide Pods and 2 Bounce.  Make sure you have a Shop Your Way Rewards Card before attempting the deal.

First Transaction

1 Tide Pods 16ct. $5.99
2 Bounce 40ct $2.99ea = $5.98

Total before coupons = $11.97

Coupons Used

(1) -$1.50/2 Tide detergent or Boost, or Downy or Bounce product, excl Pods and trial (P&G 3/31)
– $2 Catalina I received doing the Scott/Cottenelle deal earlier

Total after coupons = $8.47 + tax
Received the $10 off Catalina!

Second Transaction

2 Tide Pods 16ct. $5.99ea = $11.98

Used the $10 Cat and paid $1.98 + tax!

Now technically, you can just keep repeating the first transaction of 1 Tide/2 Bounce and pay only $1.97 + tax from the second transaction on (at least until they fix this bug, and granted you have enough of the $1.50/2 q’s). Great opportunity to stock up on Tide if you have the time and patience!

I only paid $10.45 for $23.95 worth of product and your savings keeps growing the more you do it!



My final stop was a short and sweet stop at Publix since it’s on the way home from the gym and right down the street from Kmart.  Not a lot on my list this week but grabbed a couple items.

1 Hunts Ketchup (BOGO 1.56) = .78
1 Ronzoni Garden Delight Spaghetti (BOGO $1.49) = .75
2 Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal (BOGO $4.89) = $4.89

Total before Coupons = $6.42

Coupons Used

(2) -.75/1 Oatmeal Squares Coupon (got a bunch from Walmart at one of the “try me” kiosks)

Total after coupons = $4.92 + tax!


At the end of the day I only paid $23.92 for 22 items, making them $1.08 apiece before tax!  A pretty good day I have to say 😀



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