Kroger / Kmart Haul 4/12

Hey there all!  Pretty good day for me.  A little bit of a snafu at Kmart but got everything sorted out like it should have.


The focus of this week’s Kroger trip was definitely breakfast bars. I eat a combination of two of these (also the Nature Valley brand) every morning when I’m up super early and don’t have enough time to put together a proper breakfast. I also came in with another couple of things in mind, but, alas, the Softsoap handsoaps were all sold out (of course). In the breakdown (B5) means that’s it’s part of the Buy 5, get $5 off promotion.

(B5) 1 bag Tyson Frozen Chicken Breast $7.99   (6.99 after promo)
(B5) 1 International Delight Creamer $2.99   (.99ea after promo and q)
(B5) 4 Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Protein Bars $2.99ea = $11.96   (.99ea after promo and qs)
(B5) 4 Fiber One Protein Bars $2.99ea = $11.96   (.99ea after promo and qs)

2 bags Private Selection Chips 2/$5   (1.25ea after q)
3 Oatmeal Delight Poptarts $1.99ea = $5.97   (.99ea after qs)

Total = $45.87 (56.09 regular price)


Coupons Used

-$10 Promotion Savings
-$1 (1) $1/1 International Delight Creamer Tearpad Q (found at Kroger a couple weeks ago)
-$4 (4) .50/1 Fiberplus antioxidants q (RP 4/7) all doubled
-$4 (4) .50/1 Fiber One q (SS 3/3) all doubled
-$2.50 (1) BOGO Private Selection Chips Tearpad Q *I got a stack last week, but my store had tearpads right by the chips as well*
-$3 (3) .50/1 Poptarts Oatmeal Delights (RP 3/3) all doubled

Total promo/coupons = $24.50

Total after coupons = $21.37 + tax! 62% Savings, and with no coupons for the chicken other than the promo ^^



Came into this today $6.98 worth of points, 5000 of which was given to me from SYWR and supposed to expired on the 14th, so I definitely wanted to use them.

I also wanted to take advantage of a combination of the get a $5 coupon when you buy $15 of Scott products, and the Cottonelle Catalina, get $2 off your next purchase after buying 2.

Now remember with Kmart and their SYWR program, if you have a transaction of $25 or more, the first five coupons you give up to a dollar can double up to $2.

So here’s what I did.
2 Cottonelle Wipes $2.79ea = $5.58
3 Scott Ultra Soft 12packs $5.49ea = $16.47 <= NOTE I have at least $15 worth of Scott
1 Pledge Multisurface Wipes $3.50 (effective filler to hit $25)

Total = $25.55


Coupons Used

-$6.98 SYWR Points
-$4 (2) $1/1 Cottonelle Wipes IP Doubled
-$4 (2) $1/1 Scott Tissue IP Doubled
-$2 (1) $1/1 Pledge furniture care item  Doubled (was either a mailer, or was part of an insert in a Parenting magazine issue)
-.75 (1) .75/1 Scott bath tissue rolls, 8 rolls+, SS 3/17

Total Coupons = $17.73

Total after coupons = $7.82 + tax!
Got back a $2 oyno Catalina, and was supposed to get a $5 coupon for the Scott but I realized after paying and stepping to the side that it didn’t print. I take my items outside and come back in to ask about it. I eye the girl at the Customer Service desk, and I just got a feeling that she was just a warm body there, and probably wouldn’t be very effective. And I was right.

I explain the situation to her, and she comes to the conclusion that it’s because I used coupons that the $5 coupon didn’t print. I tell her that I’ve never had this issue before and that they will be reimbursed through the coupons. It’s still $15+ worth of the product. She’s snarky and tells me that she just can’t print a coupon, it comes out of the machine and that’s that. It’s because of my coupons. Well, I take a big sigh and leave with my next mission to give a call to Kmart customer service. I didn’t bother asking for a manager, I just didn’t have the faith that they would do anything for me either if this is the person they put at the CS desk who obviously has no idea how coupons and deals work. If anything, I made out with all these items for $7, I’m happy.

So I get everything home and promptly make a call to Sears/Kmart customer service. I got a super nice lady who immediately catches onto what happened. I let her know about the deal, that it didn’t print, and that the girl at the customer service desk said it “was because of my coupons” lowering my total, and how I knew that it was just not the case. Promptly, she investigates my transaction, and comes back to let me know that for my trouble she was going to mail me out a $10 gift card! I was just expecting to get a point credit if anything, but at the end of the day she wanted to make sure I was taken care of.

And not only that, she said that she was going to make sure and send out a note to the store about the situation and the correct way to handle it, and to correct the horrible mis-information the CS girl was giving. So all-in-all, a win! Thank God I had patience and dealt with things the right way.

So at the end of it i paid 7.82 – $2 Cat – $10 gift card I’ll be receiving. I actually made $4.12 on this transaction! Original transaction should have been just .82 after the $5 coupon, but I got lucky to get great CS from the big guys. ^^


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