CVS and Target Trip 4/9

I felt it was a good day for my transactions.  It was a week at CVS that I thought I wasn’t going to get a decent transaction in, and I surprised myself!


2 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereals 2/$4
3 Kleenex Flat boxes .99ea (2.97)
3 Kleenex square boxes .99ea (2.97)
2 Crest Mouthwash 16oz 5.49ea (10.98)
1 Swiffer wetjet liquid refill 6.29

Total 27.21

Coupons Used
(2) -$1.50 Crest Mouthwash (P&G 3/31)
(2) -$2/3 Kimberley Clark q IP
(2) -$1 Crunchy Nut Cereal IP
(1) -$2 Swiffer refill CVS MCM Q
(1) -$3.46 20% CVS email Q (crest and swiffer applies)

Total after coupons = $5.75 + tax!
Received 5ecbs from Crest!


Target Trip

I was in need of pizza and this deal definitely caught my eye.

2 Digiorno Pizzeria Pizzas $5ea = $10
1 Digiorno Pizza $5
2 Campbells GO Soup $2.36ea = $4.72
1 Nestle Ice Cream = $3.29

total = $23.01

Coupons Used

(2) -$1.50 Digiorno Pizzeria Pizza IPs
(2) -$! Digiorno Pizza Target Q
(1) -$! Digiorno Pizza Target Q accidental cashier scan, lucky
(2) -$1 GO Soup IP
(2) -$1 GO Soup Target IP Facebook Q

Total after coupons = $13.01

Note: The deal on this is you buy 3 Digiorno Pizzas, get a Nestle Drumstick Ice cream free. Funny thing was, my Digiornos were marked at the 2/$10, but no Nestle marketing, but the Nestle ice creams had the tags for the buy 3 Digiorno, get it free. When it rang up, the ice cream didn’t ring free. I ended up asking the cashier about it and she refunded me the price of the Nestle…which was $3.29

New total after free item = $9.72 +tax! Great for the all the items i got!


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