Last Minute Kroger Trip 4/6

Kroger 4-6

There was alot going on for me this week and I barely got to Kroger today to get the few things I knew I wanted to get during this sale.  Thanks to the Kroger Krazy ad preview for next week, I realized this 10/$10 deal wasn’t going on for an additional week.  Eek!  So around 8pm, after work and dinner, I straggle in to get the deals.  A few of the things I thought were going to be on a sale either weren’t tagged what I thought they were supposed to be, or weren’t part of the promotion here.  So I skipped those and just moved on to what I knew was on promotion.  I just wasn’t in the mindset to get price-checks.  Grocery deals will come around again.

I was pretty happy with how I did considering half of the transaction was core food essentials and the $8 worth of coupon-less canned chicken.

Total before coupons and promotions = $45.50
Total after coupons and promotions = $25.44

Item Breakdown
(1) Kroger Milk $2.98
(1) Simple Truth Vanilla Almondmilk $2.50 *even though I have those high-value silk coupons, they were regular price at ~3.50 and would have put them at this price anyway, I’ll just hold them for a better deal.

(8) Kroger Canned Chicken $1 ea = $8 *I add these these to my pasta sauce, and to skillet meals for extra protein, must have for me, the main reason I wanted to hit this Kroger sale 😛

(1) Dozen Kroger Large Eggs = $1.25
(2) Coffeemate Creamer $3.29ea = $6.58
(1) Saralee Honeywheat Bread 2/$4 = $2
(2) Boulder Canyon Chips $1.99ea = $3.98
(2) Ballpark Franks $1.25ea
(1) Tabasco Hot Sauce $1.69
(4) Knorr Pasta/Rice Sides $1ea = $4

Coupon Breakdown
Note: The Knorr and Tabasco coupons were supposed to double, but the self-checkout attendants apparently didn’t know what they were doing and scanned all my coupons as “loyalty refunds,” which is like a coupon override, and didn’t get the opportunity to double, so always double check your receipts! The Customer Service guy ended up coming over and showing them how to do it after I checked my receipt and got the refund for the missed doubles.

(2) -$1 Boulder Canyon IP (Facebook Q)
(1) -$3.29 BOGO Coffeemate Creamer IP (No Longer Available)
(1) -.50/1 (doubled) Tabasco SS 3/17
(2) -.50/2 (doubled) Knorr Sides IP (NLA, but there are insert qs in the 3/24 RP, my IPs were just expiring sooner)
(1) -.75/2 Ballpark Franks RP 3/10

Good deal! 44% savings, not my best but still great considering all the basic necessities!

Remember that coupons are only half the battle, the other half are pairing them up with deals that make them worth it!  And don’t pass up a better deal just to be able to use a coupon.  I know it looks good paperwise when calculating savings, but those q’s will be better served on a better deal!

Happy couponing folks!



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