Week of 4/7 Drug Store Plan

for me there’s not alot going on at the stores this week. Still alot of good makeup deals for the ladies, and Rite Aid moneymakers on Bic razors I’ve been hearing. I’m not in need of either so I’m gonna skip those :D. But here’s what I tentatively planned.


Kind of a random week for me, not a huge plan going into it.

1 Crunchy Nut Cereal / 1 Frosted Mini Wheats 2/$4 (using $1/2 Any Kelloggs IP NLA?)
3 Kleenex .99ea (using the $2/3 IP) *doing in a separate transaction to meet q restrictions
3 pepsi max .97ea

I need to check prices for the possible use of my 20% q,  I have 2 possible choices but may not do either.

1 Optic White Rinse 32oz get 2ecb – If price isn’t right i’ll probably skip.
Buy $10 Crest/Oral B get 5ecb, checking to see if the Glide Flossers will be included. If not, I’ll probably skip this deal.

Hate having a 20% go to waste, but there’s really not much for me.


Turning into a cereal week for me! lol I stock up because we go through it pretty quickly.

Buy 4 Cereal get 2000pts
2 of the Cascadian Cereals $1.99ea ($3.98) (using $1/1 IPs)
2 Cheerios or Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.99ea ($3.98) (using the $1/2 SS 3/24)

Rite Aid

*just because I have Ups expiring on the 15th and I hate having to make a rush trip the beginning of the week. This is going to be standby until I see if there’s something I’m interested in the week of the 14th.

2+Ups wyb 2, Old Spice bodyspray 4ea. (using .50/1 any Old Spice P&G 3/31)

That’s it for the drugstores, and there’s a few “ifs” in there so def not an exciting week for me. Hope your week turns out great though!


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