Drug Store Roundout 4/1

After the gym today, I finished out my day of store trips by making my way to both Walgreens and Rite Aid.  I definitely had to make it to the latter, as I had +Ups expiring on Wednesday.  I’m happy with both trips as I was able to get the things I wanted without too much hassle.

————————–Rite Aid


I have two stores closest to me and the first one only had one of the Caltrate, so I had to make my way to the second one to make sure I got this deal before my +Ups expired.  Having that 24hr wait to use rewards really sucks when you’re trying to piece together the deals with a low inventory.  But I was in luck that my second store had two lone Caltrates sitting on the shelf just for me!  The Caltrate isn’t the most spectacular of deals, but I was in need and super-cheap deals on these are pretty non-existent (or at least I haven’t seen one that blew my mind lol).

The Totables are really nice and convenient, and a great deal if you decide to pick them up.

(1) Preparation H Totables 10ct  $3.99  (buy 1, get 3+Ups back, Limit 1)
(2) Caltrate 600+D 60cts 2/$14 (buy 2, get 2+Ups back, Limit 4)

Total = $17.99

Coupons Used

(1) -$1 Preparation H Product IP  Here
(2) -$1.50 Caltrate IP – Coupons.com NLA I think — Savings Club Only for this amount.

– 5+Ups

Total = $8.99 + tax (Got 3+Ups from Prep H, and 2+Ups from Caltrate)
Not an exciting total, but since I only casually shop RA, it’s a great price for me. $2.99 apiece for these items works out great IMO!


As the Catalinas I got from this transaction were expiring at the beginning of next week, I wanted to make it a point to use them this week so I don’t feel rushed. I very rarely do Wags as I really don’t want to tie myself into their reward ecosystem. Managing 4 stores is enough for me, but I’ll grab deals that work in my favor. And I’ve actually come to prefer the points system as I’m so casual. Rewards that don’t expire have helped me a good deal to keep an open mind about Wags.

(1) Axe Shower Tool $4.50 (2/$9)
(1) Axe Bodywash $4.50 (2/$9)
(3) Dawn Dish Liquid .99ea = $2.97

Total = $11.97

Coupons Used

(2) -$1 Axe Bodywash/Tool
(2) $2 Catalinas from Cottonelle
(1) $3 Catalina from Cottonelle

*note that I didn’t use any Dawn mani coupons, as at Wags I’d have to add fillers for those low-value coupons which would nullify the savings. I used the Cats in their place.

Total = $2.97 + tax! (Got 2000pts from Axe/Dove)

Made out pretty good today I believe! Happy deal hunting all! I’ll be doing Kroger and Publix later this week. ^^


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