Quick CVS Trip 4/1


Jumped into CVS today to take advantage of the Oral B and Clear deals. Made quick work of it and got another “good job” from one of my fave cashiers. That always makes my day. ^^  Been wanting to try out the battery powered brushes for a while and this gives me perfect opportunity!  Had a backup plan just in case they were wiped out, but at noon they still had plenty so I was excited. 😀

1 Crest 3D White Mouthwash 4.49  <Buy 1, get 2ecb Limit 2>
2 Oral B Action Power Toothbrushes 5.99ea = 11.98  <Buy 1, get 2ecb Limit 2>
1 Clear Men 2n1 4.99  <Free after MCM coupon>
1 24pk bottled water 2.99

Total = 24.45

Coupons Used

(2) $3/1 Oral B Action Brush <P&G 3/31> = -$6
(1) -$1.50 Crest Rinse <P&G 3/31>
(1) -.75 Clear IP (NLA I think)

(1) -$4.99 CVS MCM Q
(1) $5 ECB
(1) $5 Winter Spending ECB

Total after Qs = $1.21 + tax! (and getting the $1.25 credit from Ibotta!)

Got 4ecbs from Oral B, and 2ecbs from Crest


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