Week of 3/31 Plan Preview

All of next week’s ads/matchup links for all my favorite stores have been added to the sidebar, so make sure and check them out to put your best shopping plan together!

Not alot on my list this week, kinda slow but there are a few things i’ll def take advantage of. Of course, depending on the coupons and how things track, my plan may change… but here’s the items/deals I will possibly be doing during this week:


Eggos BOGO $3.39 ($1.69ea)
Green Giant Seasoned Steamers BOGO $2.59 ($1.29ea.)


Kroger Canned Chicken $1
Knorr Pasta/Rice Sides $1
Checking the General Mills/Post Cereals to see what’s included
Checking the Alexia products and see what they have (I’ve yet to see them in my stores frozen area)


Clear Mens Shampoo/conditioner – Free after MCM q
Oral B Brush 2ECB deal
Crest 2ECB deal
24pack water $2.99
*this is mostly a rolling week for me since i have two ecbs that will be expiring early next week, great week for the Revlon deal though

Rite Aid

Preparation H Totables 3+Ups deal
Caltrate 2+Ups deal
*another rolling week for me as my +Ups are expiring, but I def need the Caltrate and great deals on it are few.


Axe Body Tools 2/$9 get 2000pts wyb 2
Dawn Dish Liquid x3
*the cats I got last week expired early next week, so going to use them this week.

What are you planning on? ^^


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