3/28 CVS Axe/Dove Deal

3-28-AxeI was excited coming in seeing that Axe was included in the Dove deal this week, and that more than just the body wash was included! Usually Axe deals are pretty horrible but this one just had to be done. Gave me a good chance to grab the new face washes and give them a try. I did go to my store that takes expired CVS coupons, so keep that in mind. 😀

The deal is when you spend $15 on the Dove/Axe products shown, you get 5 ECBs back. The ad has it at a limit 1, but if you check your receipt, you’ll notice the Axe has been thrown into the Dove Monthly deal, so you’re actually able to do it up to 10 times I think. I did take advantage and do the deal twice, and you can do it all in one transaction if you want.  The Axe falls off next week, so if you’re interested, do it now!

2 Axe Shampoo/Conditioner = $9
2 Dove Men Face Wash = $9
1 Axe Face Wash = $4.50
2 Axe Deodorant Bodyspray = $9

Total = $31.50

Coupons Used:

(1) -$5 / 30 CVS Email Q

(2) -$1 Axe Shampoo <RP 3/24)
(2) -$1 Dove Men Face Wash <RP 3/24>
(2) -$1 Axe Bodyspray or Deodorant
(1) -$1 Axe Face Wash <RP 3/24>

(1) -$2 off 2 Axe Hair Care Products *expired CVS MCM Q
(1) -$2 off 2 Axe/Degree/Dove Deodorant *expired CVS MCM Q <- YMMV, they allowed me to use this with the bodyspray because the bottles say “deodorant bodyspray”).

– 10 ECBs

Total = $5.50 +tax and got 10 ECBs back from Unilever!

Best deal I’ve had on Axe since i started, super stoked!


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