Wags Stop, 3/26

2013-03-26 20.52.39 (224x300)So there is a great monthly Cottonelle deal going on at Walgreens and on 3/26 I decided to pop out there and take advantage of it.  I had a bit of a snag because I thought I would take a chance on another deal setup than I originally came in with, but it worked out in the end.  I use a credit card for my couponing/grocery deals so when mixups happen it doesn’t tie up my main bank account. 😀

So the deal is buy $15 worth of Cottonelle product, get 3000pts.  There is also a Catalina deal going on where if you buy 2 Cottonelle products, you get $2 off on your next offer, or by buying 2 you can get a $3 oyno.

Best way is to do it (and the plan i originally came in with) is:


Buy 2 of the Cottonelle Toilet tissue 12 packs $5each = $10
Buy 3 of the Cottonelle Freshwipes Tubs at $2each = $6 (pictured on the right hand side)

Total $16
Use 5 of the $1 Cottonelle Coupons found HERE. (you can print 2 per email address given)

Total = $11 get 3000pts ($3), a $2 Catalina, and a $3 Catalina.  A pretty sweet deal for TP and wipes!


Now I decided last minute to see if the double pack of wipes (pictured on the left) which I had purchased during the same deal on 3/19 for $3each was still ringing.  When I got them the first time, they were unmarked on the shelf so I figured it might be the same considering it was part of this monthly deal.

Turns out there were ringing at regular $4.79ea.  The line was backing up a bit, so i went ahead with the transaction.  Ended up paying 24.37 instead (ouch), got 3000pts and the $5 in cats.

I was heading down the street to get gas and there’s another Wags right where I turn to head home, so I decided to drop by there and exchange for the $2 wipe packs.

I got $14.57 +tax refunded (subtracting my 3000pts from my Wags account), and went ahead and purchased the last two of the wipe tubs they had for $4 +tax.

At the end I lost the points but I still had the $2 and $3 oyno cats, and a second $2 printed for my new purchase.  I was still very happy with how it turned out.  I ended up paying around $10 for 2  12-pack TPs and 2 wipe tubs and got $7 in cats for next time!  I’d still go with the first transaction though, much simpler!


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