3/25 Small Publix Trip

2013-03-25 16.18.28Super simple and super quick Publix trip today.  Long day at work, knocked out a trip to the gym (back day!), and wanted to get back home as soon as I could.  The beau is finally home for a good four days after being away for work for almost 3 weeks altogether.  *Quality time* *yes please*  lol

We were getting real low on our steam veggie options and after this past inserts, I wanted to take advantage of the Publix 50% off on the Steamfresh.  (yup I know that Kroger’s has some for 10/$10 but they almost never include the premium ones, just the basic veggies and I have plenty of the basics).  Not a spectacular or flashy deal, just good old fashioned coupon use.

I was just thinking that it wasn’t more than a year ago I was buying these at full price and not even flinching!  These would have cost me $25.90 if I was still following that same pattern.   Uggh, what was I thinking.  Definitely the key is watching for the sales of the things you need/want, and making optimal coupon use.

10 Steamfresh Veggies  50%  $12.95  ($25.90 retail- $2.59ea)
(5) .50/2 Birds Eye -doubled = -$5

Total $7.95 +tax for 10 sides or .79 each!

Side Note: I was also on the lookout for the $3 off Clear Men’s peelies I had spied when I was here last, but alas they were all gone. *sad face*


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