First Timing Kmart 3/22

2013-03-22 20.50.44

Let me tell you that this is the first time I’ve trying to do any type of couponing at Kmart.  The ads don’t come in my papers and from what I can tell, the sales themselves aren’t as great as everything else around me.  A week ago or so I went ahead and set up a Shop Your Way Account with them just in case I ever decided I wanted to give it a go.

Well…. a couple of days ago I got great incentive to give it a try.  An email saying that I got a total of 5000 free points in my account from them (which equates to $5 off, nice!).  Only thing is i only have a couple of days to use them before they go poof.  Now, as a smart guy I don’t wanna let this gift horse disappear on me.

I don’t know all of the intricacies of Kmart by any means.  What I did know is that by using my card and getting a total of $25 before coupons, I have the ability to get five coupons up to a dollar doubled.  that in itself would prove to be awesome as long as it worked.  I’ve read some horror stories multiple times about Kmart couponing being very difficult at times, but I was willing to give it a try this time.

My goal going in was to use some coupons I knew were expiring soon…namely the qs for the febreze car refreshers.  I’d been waiting for some kind of rewards/extra savings deal to pop up on them before they expired, and it just wasn’t happening.  So with the doubles and the free 5000 points I set out to get them, and threw in the shower cleaners since I’d been eyeballing them for a while as well.

6 Febreze Car Refreshers  2.99  = 17.94
2 Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foamers 4.79 = 9.58

Total = 27.52

Coupons Used

(5) -$1 Febreze Car Refresher (doubled to $2 each) = -$10
(1) -$1 Febreze Car Refresher = -$1
(1) -$2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Products = -$2

Total Qs = -$13

Total after Qs = $14.52

Total after $5 gift points used = $9.52 +tax!

I was very happy with this transaction considering everything was regularly priced and was made up of items I had definitely wanted. I thought my total was going to be a bit lower because the Foamers were tagged on the shelf at $3.59. But I grabbed the bigger ones that were stuffed behind the smaller ones, and apparently those weren’t supposed to be there by the way they rang up. I was running short on time so I decided just to eat the couple of dollars considering I got such a great deal to begin with. I’m happy and I paid quite a bit less than most folks would, so there!


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