My 3/21 Strategic Hits

2013-03-21 18.13.55Kroger Transaction

So I’d been dying to use the “Buy 1 degree deodorant, get a Clear men’s 2n1 shampoo free” coupon from the paper.  I was originally planning to work it into the CVS deal coming up the week of 3/24  but since they expire on 3/24 I would only have Sunday to get there and do the deal.

But Axe is also part of the Unilever deal and it is only a limit of 1.  Doing the Clear with this would have resulted in a lower OOP, but I would have to sacrifice getting the Axe I want cheaper too.  And decent Axe deals seem to be hard to come by lately it seems.  And heck, CVS is giving away Clear the week of the 31st, so I’ll skip it for now.

But Kroger is having it’s buy 5 items, save $5 promotion and both items are part of it thankfully!

2 Men’s Clear Shampoo 2n1   $5.49ea  =  $10.98
2 Degree Deodorant $3.79ea = $7.58
1 Franks Hot Sauce $2.59 (to round out the 5 items)

Total = $21.15

– $5 mega event savings

Coupons Used
(1) -.30 Franks Hot Sauce (doubled to .60)
(2) – buy Degree, get Clear free – $10.98 (5.49 ea)

Total after Qs and Promotion = $4.57 + tax!

I also got the $1.25 Ibotta credit for the Men’s Clear too, further bringing my total down!

2013-03-21 18.12.03CVS Transaction

I received a 20% off cvs email coupon on Thursday and though I usually roll it into the next week, the only 20% eligible deal that interested me in the next week’s ad was the Airwick deal and it seems my store only has the more expensive $8 candles.  I don’t care for the oil burners, etc (personal preference).  So not a good enough deal for me.

I do like Glade though and so I made sure to take advantage of it this week with CVS’ buy $20 worth of Glade, get 10ecbs back promotion.

6 Candles 4.19ea = $25.14

Coupons Used
(3) $2/2 Any Glade Products IPs
– 10ecbs
– $5.03 20% coupon

Total $4.11 + tax!

I got alot today for $8!


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