Rite Aid 3/20

2013-03-24 21.14.00I know I needed to roll my +UPs this week and there wasn’t a lot in the ad for this and next week I was interested in.  So I dug around the Monthly deals and found one I liked in the Nano stapler.  I was wanting to get one for stapling my insert pages anyways.  I also threw in the Oxy facewashes because they were $4.99 with the $2 coupons.  So here is how it worked out.  I came in with 10 +UPs.

1 Paperpro Nano Stapler  $4.29   (Monthly Deal)
2 Oxy Max Action Face Washes $4.99ea = $9.98

Total = $14.27
Coupons Used

-$10 +UP rewards
(2) – $2 Oxy Max qs

Total after qs = .27 +tax!

and I got 5+UPs back (3 for the stapler, 2 for the Oxy)

Sorry the Nano is out of the packaging, had to start using it right away! lol


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