Raincheck Week and a Bday Gift to Myself


Not much happening this week, so I took the opportunity to use a couple of my rainchecks to make my own deals, plus grabbed a little extra as a birthday present for myself (my bday was Monday ^^).

2 Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Lotions (7.79ea.) = 15.58
<raincheck for the buy 2 get 6ecb promotion>

2 Neutrogena Men’s Razor Defense Face Scrub (6.99ea.) = 13.98
<raincheck for the buy 2 get 5ecb promotion>

1 Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit = 19.99

1 Swiffer WetJet Pad Refills = 7.79

Total = 57.34


Coupons Used

would have had the $2/2 Aveeno IP but smartsource and Java was being a pain today

-$5/2 Neutrogena

-$7 Buy 1 starter kit get a refill free (up to $7)

-$10/50 cvs q (my last one, haven’t got another in a week and a half, think i’m gonna be going dry soon, 1 scanner q today *cry*)

-3ecb beauty birthday email q (thanks cvs!)


-$5.78 20% email q

Total: 13.56 – $5 viggle giftcard = 8.56 + tax!

Got 6ecb for aveeno RC and 5ecb for Neutrogena RC, and I think I’m like a dollar away from a 5ecb beauty buck.

I’m happy to have finally worked the wetjet into a transaction because I’ve really been wanting it.


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